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August 17, 2015


  • Wear athletic clothing you can move around in. You will get hot and sweaty! Loose clothes will hang off your body, which will prevent the teacher from being able to check your alignment and may interfere with your focus.
  • Bring a large bath towel, a hand-towel, and a bottle of water. If you don’t have these, we have them for you to buy or rent.
  • Come to class well hydrated. It takes your body at least 45 minutes to absorb water you’ve imbibed, so plan accordingly.
  • We recommend you don’t eat for at least 2 hours before class, to avoid nausea.
  • If you have any injuries or conditions, please let your instructor know before class starts. Don’t worry – it will stay between you and the instructor, and don’t be embarrassed – we’ve heard it all before.
  • Arrive at the studio at least 15 minutes before your first class so we can get you checked in and give you sufficient time to get set up.
  • Open your mind, let go of your ego, release any and all expectations of yourself. This will be unlike anything you’ve done before, so have fun!


  • Be on time. It’s best to be in the yoga room 5 minutes before class time to ensure you are prepared for class and so the class can begin on time. If you arrive at the studio late, be prepared you may be locked out.
  • Clean, bare feet in the room. Please leave shoes in the lobby and your socks in locker room.
  • No cell phones, other electronic devices, or your jangling car keys in the yoga room.
  • Please listen to your teacher and try to remain in the room for the entire class. If you must leave, flag down the teacher first so they will know whether or not you need some assistance.
  • Please don’t wear any perfume or other fragrance in the room. If you have some on prior to coming to the studio, be sure to take a quick rinse off before you enter the yoga room.
  • Limit your talking in the yoga room. It’s a sanctuary for every student, so please do your part to keep it peaceful and quiet.
  • Please respect your teachers and fellow students, and in turn, they will respect you.
  • When it’s time to leave your class, gather your mat and belongings very quietly so as not to disturb others.
  • Leave your ego at the door. Yoga is not a competition.

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