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Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow, in its more traditional form, is a planned sequence of poses linked together by breath and transitional moves. Based on Sun Salutations, these classes are fun, creative, and different each time. This helps you efficiently build strength, mobility, and flexibility in your mind and in your body.

Your team of teachers will skillfully guide you through your movement practice providing you with alignment cues so you create a super solid practice that will keep you running, dancing, hiking, biking, or whatever you like to do to paint our town NM Sunset Red, for the rest of your vida!

Poses you will learn: Downward Dog, Cobra Pose, Warrior 1, 2, 3, Sun Salutations A, B, C, Plank, Chaturanga, and more!
What you can expect after each class: a feeling of energy, accomplishment, calm, peace, empowerment

Is this class right for you? It sure can be! Check out the variations we provide for yoginis & yogis of all skill levels!

  • Vin60 – Vinyasa Flow 60 minutes – this class is perfect for any skill level (including beginning level yogis) and allows for supported, strong movement packed into a single hour – great for yogis on the go!
  • Vin75 – Vinyasa Flow 75 minutes – a longer class provides an opportunity to develop a pose more thoroughly as well as offer plenty of time for breath-work and a long savasana
  • Vin90 – Vinyasa Flow 90 minutes – a longer class offers the opportunity for developing a pose much more thoroughly than the 75 minute class, and is accessible to all skill levels
  • Vin90 Intermediate – a full 90 minute class that dives deeper into the development of complex poses, allows for proper cool down, and time for meditation and savasana
  • SlowFlow60Slow Vinyasa Flow 60 min – this class is a great beginning spot for folks who are new to yoga as well as folks who are familiar with the practice but would like additional information for poses and connection to breath
  • Mobility Yoga – this 60 minute class fits within the framework of a vinyasa flow class, but focuses more on developing range of motion and strength in the body in irregular shapes. (Think of the way you might half bend/half squat to pick up a piece of garbage from the ground, while holding a purse or a backpack or a sack of groceries and wearing high heels or chanclas.) This class is held in a warm room to chase away stiffness in the joints.