Open for virtual classes only!

Hot26 Yoga

Currently, due to the fact that we closed our studio in September 2020, we can’t offer you a heated room! But, you can get almost ALL the same benefits by practicing along in your own living room. You can always crank a space heater, if you have to have some heat!

Perfect for beginners and those looking to ground and center their practice, our Hot26 is the foundational hot yoga practice that has been transforming lives around the world for decades. The traditional sequence of 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises is commonly referred to as “The 26 & 2” with poses designed to be performed in a sequential order. Together, they systematically open the body and mind. This spine-focused practice strengthens and stimulates multiple systems within the body to counter our forward-hunching desk and smartphone culture in order to re-balance and re-align the body. Our teachers are trained to offer you step-by-step instruction at a steady pace which allows you to find the sthiram and sukham, or the balance you are seeking.

Poses you will learn: Half Moon pose, Standing Head to Knee pose, Standing Bow pose, Wind-Relieving pose, Cobra pose, Bow pose, Camel pose, Rabbit pose, and more!
What you can expect after each class: a feeling of accomplishment, empowerment, and renewed energy, as well as a feeling of spaciousness in your body. Over time, you’ll notice improved strength, muscle tone, and flexibility AND a new awareness of hydration and nutrition.

Is this class right or you? Check out the variations we offer below to determine if it is!

  • Hot26 OG – 90 minutes – this is the original 26 & 2 performed in a room heated to 105 degrees with 38% humidity. Perfect for someone who spends long hours at a computer or car, who is healing from a back injury, or who deals with low back pain, and neck/shoulder pain. Or if you have tight hamstrings, or tight quads, or tight ankles, or a weak core, or just want to develop focus and concentration, or…….er, I guess what we mean to say is this practice is accessible and beneficial to every body. **
  • Hot26 Express – 60 minutes – this is the same sequence of poses, just not repeated twice. We give a little extra alignment cueing in each pose, and your challenge is to hold poses a little bit longer, which keeps you on top of your game! The room is heated only to 95 degrees, so it’s a perfect class to start with or to maintain your regular practice with.

*Exceptions: anyone who has a medical contraindication to the heat, children under age 13 (to ensure sweat gland development is complete), and women who are both newly pregnant and just beginning a hot yoga practice