Open for virtual classes only!
August 23, 2015


At Hot or Not Yoga NM, we offer different styles of yoga to suit your life!

Flow Style Yoga Classes

Mobility Yoga – This class is never the same and is held within the structure of a traditional Vinyasa Flow. Explore asymmetrical range-of-motion load-bearing so that your body is ready for anything life throws your way. You’ll gain: a greater ability to crawl through attic space to find a box of old photo albums or get down on the floor to reach for something that rolled underneath the couch. If you do happen to ever take a spill, you’ll find yourself healing much more quickly. Breathwork and guided meditation is a plus in this class! 

Vinyasa Flow Yoga – A traditional Vinyasa Flow class. This practice includes breath-linked movement, meaning poses are linked together by a transitional sequence of moves. You will gain: upper body, lower body, and core strength and flexibility, as well as the ability to experiment with all kinds of movements you never realized you could do. You’ll learn about the energetic body, and will learn different methods of breath work to enhance your practice and your life.

Static Style Yoga Classes 

Hot26 – (Also known as Bikram Yoga or 26 & 2) The traditional and original Hot Yoga! A regular 90 minute series of 26 static poses and 2 breathing exercises designed to help you build a strong foundation for a yoga practice. You will gain: improvements in strength, balance and flexibility, a strong mental focus and ability for concentration, increased lung capacity, and a deep appreciation for what your body and mind can accomplish. Traditionally practiced in a room heated to 105 degrees, but you can heat your living room, a hallway, or a bathroom and practice this at home to gain all the amazing benefits!

Strength & Conditioning Classes

Explosion Strength – An opportunity for strengthening, you’ll get a fun and upbeat combination of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Pilates for a strong body. You’ll also get deep stretching to polish off your class, and you’ll step off your mat feeling capable of conquering the world! Gain a strong core, strong body, and a strong mind.

Gentle Yoga & Meditation Classes for the TBI Community

Hot or Not Yoga NM has partnered with LoveYourBrain, a non-profit foundation created to support people who have experienced a traumatic brain injury and their caregivers. We invite the TBI community to participate in the Mindset Program, a free, research-backed, six-week yoga and meditation series based on science. This program includes breath work, meditation, gentle yoga, and supports community building through facilitated group discussion. This virtual environment is welcoming, incorporates strategies to focus attention and release negative thoughts, and empowers participants with themes of resilience. Participants must register and be accepted through in order to attend this class.