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August 23, 2015


At Hot or Not Yoga NM, we offer thirteen different types of classes, from beginning to advanced, heated and non-heated, to help you create a well-rounded yoga and wellness practice.

Heated Yoga Classes

Mobility60 – This class is never the same and is held within the structure of a traditional Vinyasa Flow. Explore asymmetrical range-of-motion load-bearing so that your body is ready for anything life throws your way. You’ll gain: a greater ability to crawl through attic space to find a box of old photo albums or get down on the floor to reach for something that rolled underneath the couch. If you do happen to ever take a spill, you’ll find yourself healing much more quickly. Breathwork and guided meditation is a plus in this class! Room is heated to 95 degrees.

Hot26 – The traditional and original Hot Yoga! A regular 90 minute series of 26 static poses and 2 breathing exercises designed to help you build a strong foundation for a yoga practice. You will gain: improvements in strength, balance and flexibility, a strong mental focus and ability for concentration, increased lung capacity, and a deep appreciation for what your body and mind can accomplish. Room is heated to 105 degrees.

Intro to Hot26 – Perfect for beginners and experienced yogis alike! Same series as the Hot26 class, but class is shortened to 60 minutes and the room is only heated to 95 degrees. This class is for anyone wanting to acclimate to a warmer room before jumping right into Hot Yoga. You’ll gain: balance while standing on one foot, hamstring openness, strength to support your spine to counter incorrect posture.

Unheated Yoga Classes

Begin60 – This class allows you to begin an understanding of what a yoga practice consists of, and helps you build foundational skills so that when you’re ready to step into a more vigorous practice, you’re ready! You’ll gain: understanding of breath work, names of poses, how to get into the foundational poses, and how to sustain them. Improve balance, flexibility, strength, understanding, awareness.

Vin75 – A traditional Vinyasa Flow class. This 75 minute practice includes breath-linked movement, meaning poses are linked together by a transitional sequence of moves. You will gain: upper body and core strength, flexibility, and the ability to experiment with all kinds of movements you never realized you could do. You’ll learn about the energetic body, and will learn different methods of breathwork to enhance your practice and your life.

Vin90 – This class is the Vin75, but at 90 minutes, you’re allowed more time for warm-up, breathwork, meditation; and cool down. Each class begins with foundational work, so anyone can attend, but on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, we also build in more of an opportunity to advance your practice with offerings of intermediate skill level concepts and poses.

Mindful Flow – This super cool cat class is a Prana Flow class that will help you learn to move to the rhythms and energies of nature and the human body. You will be guided to flow in ways that your breath supports and will be encouraged to tap into your body’s intuition with naturally primal movements that allow you to build, wave upon wave, in intensity and exertion help you feel confident and strong. You will gain: strength, focus, openness for all your body’s tight spots, and a liberation to move freely as you float out of class.

SlowFlow60 – This 60 minute class is a slower paced, more foundational level of a traditional Vinyasa Flow, but that doesn’t mean it’s gentle! Taught by a LoveYourBrain trained teacher, it’s also suitable for anyone living with a traumatic brain injury or severe concussion. You will gain: improved mindfulness ability, stress-relief through breath, and you will improve your balance, strength, and flexibility, and you’ll feel accomplished when you leave the room. LYB Friendly

Yin75 – A 75 minute practice of Yin Yoga, which helps you balance your life with cool, lunar energy. Supported floor poses are held for 3-5 minutes to allow a deep stretch of muscle tissues, and improved circulation for connective tissues in and around your joints. Breath, meditation, and gentle guidance through this series will make you feel lighter and taller when you leave the room. You’ll gain: greater range of motion in your body when you incorporate this class into your regular routine. On Sundays at 1:00pm, this is also a LoveYourBrain friendly class! LYB Friendly

Yin60 – A 60 minute version of the Yin75, this class is designed to give you maximum stress-relief to end your week and feel good in less time.

Yin Nidra – Perfect for beginners and a terrific way to finish each Monday! Begin your practice with 30-45 minutes of traditional Yin Yoga, and then steep more deeply while you’re guided into a Nidra (conscious meditation) practice. You’ll gain: deeper access to cognitive functioning, better sleep, and brain healing. You’ll leave the room wondering where the time went, but feeling wonderfully at peace.

Strength & Conditioning Classes

YogaStrong – This one hour class is designed to help you bolster your strength in order to support healthy habits and muscle patterning for a strong yoga practice. Core strengthening will make your back say “thank you”! You’ll gain: confidence in your yoga practice with better support for standing poses, planks, downward dogs, chaturangas, etc. You’ll also notice improved muscle tone all over your body.

Explosion60 – Another opportunity for strengthening, this time you get a fun and upbeat combination of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Pilates for a strong body. You’ll also get deep stretching to polish off your class, and will leave the room feeling capable of conquering the weekend! You’ll gain a much stronger core, in addition to all the other stuff, and let’s face it – a strong core makes for a much stronger body.

Gentle Yoga & Meditation Classes for the TBI Community

Hot or Not Yoga NM has partnered with LoveYourBrain, a non-profit foundation created to support people who have experienced a traumatic brain injury and their caregivers. We invite the TBI community to participate in a free, research-backed, six-week yoga and meditation series designed based on the science of resilience. This yoga class adapts poses to prevent dizziness and headaches, offers similar movements in a similar sequence to support learning and memory, uses soft lighting and low, soothing music to make the environment welcoming, incorporates strategies to focus attention and release negative thoughts, and builds community through group discussion with empowering TBI-related themes. Participants must register and be accepted through in order to attend this class. Class series are held each January, April, July, and October.