Intro to HOT Yoga Begins June 5!

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You’ve heard Hot Yoga is good for you.
EVERYone you know does it and loves it.
You hear you’ll feel AHHHMAZING after you try it.
But, let’s face it, you can’t twist up into a pretzel, and you don’t have the skinny legs your friend has. You actually have meat on your bones, don’t you? Maybe even some extra weight that you haven’t gotten around to losing yet. You don’t even feel comfortable wearing skin-tight leggings, and forget the yoga bun you see in all the Instagram photos that look perfectly mussed, yours looks like a limp, wet mouse.
Well, guess what, my friend. YOU, are going to rock this class!
It’s for REAL people who look like REAL people who want to start receiving the benefits of a hot yoga practice in the safety of a beginner’s environment. This yoga is for all shapes and sizes, all skill levels, all ages 13 and up!
95 degrees, one hour, one set of a specific sequence of poses designed to eliminate low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, leg and foot pain, and to help you get on a yoga path to better health, better sleep, and a GREATer YOU!