Arm Balances Workshop with Stephanie King!

Join Hot or Not Yoga NM yoga instructor, Stephanie King, to learn the basics of arm balances, beginning with the foundations. Learn how to safely approach arm balances through understanding the importance of hand placement, core work, & alignment all while enjoying the successes of the others learning with us! It’s important not to take ourselves TOO seriously, so let’s plan to have fun playing together on our mats!

Learn how to utilize props to remove much of the fear, so that one day, you’ll fly free! This workshop is designed for anyone who is curious about how to access arm balances or those looking for tips on how to progress the pose. This workshop is recommended for anyone who can hold Crow Pose for several breaths, and even for those just looking to nail Side Plank!

When: Saturday April 14, 2018 1-3pm  |  Where: 4801 Alameda Blvd NE Ste B 87113  |  How much: $30 per person

Register for this workshop HERE and do it quickly, as space is limited to 15 people!