Meet Jasmine Ziska, who joins us at HNYNM!

Hot or Not Yoga NM is *jazzed* to announce Jasmine Ziska who joins our team of highly talented teachers! Meet Jasmine!


My journey into yoga has been wonderfully life changing, but not
always easy. I found yoga in a very dark time in my life. I was severely
depressed, reclusive and dangerously overweight. I overheard two
ladies talking about a Yoga studio near my house in San Diego. I
decided to go to a class as a desperate attempt to get myself
together and find some peace, which at that time was nearly
impossible. After my first class I noticed that my mind had become
quiet for an hour as I focused on my
breath, not my struggling body, and I became intrigued. I kept going
and before I knew it I had lost 70 pounds and a part of me that I never
knew existed was revealed. I am now a dedicated Ashtanga student,
versatile yoga teacher and certified personal trainer with a loving
approach. My sequences are unique and ever changing, however, I
encourage the inquisitive mind to remain the constant. My belief is
that keeping the body occupied with movement and breath enables
our minds to find the serenity that nurtures the soul. When we are
able to move blocked energy in our bodies we can enjoy the bliss of
peaceful solitude that cannot be described or explained. My intention
is to help students discover the realm of possibilities that lives within
their most organic self. Namast

Look for Jasmine on the schedule for the SlowFlow classes on Wednesdays!