We’ve Got Another Guest Teacher! Welcome, John!!

Do you ever wonder, “What’s the big deal about guest teachers?” Remember Louis, from last June?and Paulina from last October? and Heidi from more than once? Well, it’s not simply because our own teachers go on vacation and stuff – how dare they?! – it’s because as students, being exposed to new ways of teaching, and new ways a teacher may say something is really good for our brains! Haven’t you ever heard someone say something that you’ve heard about ten million times before, but that person said it in such a way that it just clicked and made all the sense in the world? Well, that’s the idea!
So, anytime HNYNM has the opportunity for a guest teacher to come give us this gift, we’re gonna take it! Now, let me tell you about our guest!

Professor John Dadosky, aka “Jon Dogged”, has been teaching Bikram Yoga since December 2004, and practicing for even longer than that. Jon lives in Toronto, CA and occasionally gets out to ABQ to reconnect with long-time friends and to connect again with the Bikram Community here! All of you are now part of that amazing community and you’ll get to experience John’s witty sarcasm, and compassionate intelligence! John will be teaching a few classes the week of June 12, and he’ll introduce us to Inferno Hot Pilates on Friday the 16th! Come meet John, and come take his Bikram classes, then make sure you get in on Friday for the 4:30pm class! It’s gonna be core work with heat and music to distract you from the core work! Ha! Don’t worry, though – if you’ve never done Pilates before, come anyway & do what you can! You’re sure to learn something new!

John’s schedule:
Monday June 12 4:30pm Hot Bik90
Thursday June 15 6:30pm Hot Bik90
Friday June 16 4:30pm Inferno HOT Pilates60

Sign up for John’s classes HERE!

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