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Hot or Not Yoga NM partners with Love Your Brain!

In May 2017, Hot or Not Yoga NM partnered with the Love Your Brain foundation, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to increase awareness for persons who have suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, and to help provide an avenue for these friends in our community to begin adaptive yoga and meditation classes to aid in their healing.

There is significant data that shows that gentle yoga and meditation greatly boost the brain’s neuroplasticity, and we are living witnesses to the mental and physical improvements that can be made in a short period of time! We have seen our FUNdamentals Series students grow over the space of 6 weeks into stronger, more capable and confident people. We’ve seen them make huge improvements in physical balance, strength, and flexibility as well. On top of all of that, the community that is built inside each weekly session is remarkable, and we are honored to provide a space for that to happen.

When we built the studio, we had the foresight to create an easy to navigate layout, complete with ADA modifications-even in the showers. We also invested a state-of-the-art heating & humidification system which INCLUDES the ability to quickly vent and cool the room. This means our friends with TBI will not have to worry about heat sensory issues on days when the LYB classes are scheduled. Additionally, in the yoga room, the decor is simple and calming and we have plenty of natural lighting that both lend to an ambiance perfect and ideal for meditation. Additionally, our experienced teachers are skilled in working with all kinds of bodies, providing simple, intuitive, and effective modifications to adapt the practice for things like light sensitivity, movement induced dizziness, sound overstimulation, and physical impairments in balance.

Additionally, Hot or Not Yoga NM is made up of incredibly kind, compassionate, authentic, helpful, diverse, and welcoming students. We are without doubt that anyone looking for a sense of community and connection with awesome individuals is in the right place the moment they step in our doors. We couldn’t be more in love with our yoga family, truthfully, and we are so excited that our new LYB yoga family has only added to its depth and brilliance.

We offer the FUNdamentals Series 6-week yoga classes to members of the TBI Community and their caregivers for FREE. The series happens 4 times a year–in January, April, July, and October. The next series coming up begins April 27th, 2018 and runs each Friday from 1-2:30pm, and ends June 1.

Each 90 minute session includes 15-20 minutes of meditation, 45 minutes of gentle movement, and 20 minutes of empowering group sharing. All persons living with TBI and primary caregivers are welcome to join us! Each session is limited to 13 people, so be sure to register ahead of time to reserve your spot! All caregivers must also register themselves.

Join us and give some LOVE to your brain! Register HERE, otherwise your place will not be reserved.