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Injury and stress becomes energy, peace and serenity at Hot or Not NM!

I tried yoga because I wanted something that would not be so stressful on my body after I had injured myself at a local gym. I tore my meniscus in my right knee and had to get surgery. This really made me afraid of working out. At first, I was afraid to try yoga because I really thought you had to be in great physical shape, but once I started, I quickly learned that I did not in any way feel like I should not be practicing. The moves are challenging, but I immediately noticed that I was not doing exercises that put too much strain on my body and I grow each time I attend a session. I feel the care and dedication Marisol and her instructors have towards their students and how they enjoy seeing them grow. Yoga has been a great way to decompress from the stresses of my daily life. I love yoga because of the feeling I feel afterward. I feel such a sense of energy, peace and serenity.  My mind and my body are relaxed and I experience a great sense of accomplishment.

Priscilla Stevens

Hard Working Yogi & Dedicated Public Servant with ABCWUA