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Healing and healthy with ABQ hot yoga!

Bikracori fishm hot yoga and Hot or Not Yoga ABQ, have changed me inside-out! I have gone from wearing a neck and shoulder brace every night to rarely needing to wear it at all. The health benefits have been phenomenal. Marisol’s enthusiasm and her smile make her wonderful to be around and give you a positive lift immediately. But, her passion for yoga and just being happy herself projects onto everyone she’s around. You can’t help being covered in her positive energy. Having practiced in Albuquerque for several years, Marisol, Stephanie, and Liz have all contributed to my health and well-being. Thank you!

The ABQ studio is so happy and calming!  The second you walk inside this facility you have a sense of calm…located immediately next to Planet Fitness, in a busy shopping area, with people constantly moving around, this is pretty amazing!  Once inside, the lobby is a great meeting room to say hi and visit with everyone.  The lockers, with full showers, hair dryers, etc. couldn’t be friendlier.  And the yoga room floor is wonderful, its super “grippy” and obviously cleaned immaculately.  The mirrors are setup floor to higher than I see in my practice.  The heat and humidity are ideal and overall the room is just so peaceful!

Cori Criss