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Love all the instructors at ABQ Hot or Not Yoga NM!

Meghan PettiMy first experience with yoga was at a YMCA class my friend had recommended in college. But, it wasn’t until I became pregnant with my first child that yoga kept coming up again and again as a recommendation for how to have a fit and healthy pregnancy. I purchased a pregnancy yoga DVD and started a home practice that continued after my son was born.

About two years later, I realized that although my home practice was good for relaxation and stretching, I was going to have to make myself go to a class if I ever wanted to make any progress, so I went to my first Bikram Yoga class. I had never sweat so much in my life! I noticed right away how much easier it was to safely stretch in the heat. After another break and the birth of my daughter, I returned to Bikram Yoga with much trepidation, but was immediately put at ease by Stephanie’s humor and encouragement. I have attended Bikram classes for about a year and a half and have had the opportunity to take classes with several different instructors. I find that there are things I look forward to with each one. Marisol, Liz, Stephanie, and Jane have all been extremely personable, warm, and encouraging on my yoga journey and each have unique gifts that I value.

When Stephanie and Marisol began offering a beginning Vinyasa series, I surprised myself by being so eager to branch out and try a new type of class. I knew they would make it fun, interesting, challenging, and unpredictable! After completing the same sequence in Bikram classes, it was necessary for not only my body, but my mind. Vinyasa yoga has strengthened my arms, back, and shoulders in a way that Bikram classes never did. And wow-does it ever work your core! I discovered that after leaving a Bikram class, I have more relaxed (and stronger) muscles-especially in my legs and I leave a Vinyasa class feeling strengthened and lengthened, and often in a much lighter and euphoric mood. I can’t thank these lovely ladies enough for the changes they have helped to facilitate in my body and my mind on so many levels!

Meghan Petti