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You know yoga is good for you. So, come try it out with a community of people interested in YOUR wellbeing! At Hot or Not Yoga NM, we have everything you need to start, maintain, and build a yoga practice that will enhance your life. Our skilled and experienced teachers know just how to help you, wherever you are on your yoga journey. Click the orange button above and get started today!
Hot26 Yoga

Hot & Transformative! This spine-centric healing yoga series is a perfect treatment for neck and back pain. Learn to improve focus, concentration, and balance!

Vinyasa Flow

Breath-linked transitional movement for a well-rounded practice. A perfect way to begin, maintain, or inspire! Build core & upper body strength and surprise yourself with your ability!

Yin Yoga

Give your joints a healthy break from daily repetitive motion, stress, and injury and treat your mind to a shift in focus with this mindful class.

Adaptive Yoga

FREE LoveYourBrain gentle yoga & meditation program specific to persons who have experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury and their caregivers. Register for one of our six-week series at LoveYourBrain.com.

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