In-studio classes cancelled due to COVID-19. Check virtual options!

We aren't your average Burque yoga studio. In our house, you're not just another body, you're our família and even though we have to distance ourselves socially from you right now, we have many Virtual Class Options to help you get and stay healthy and strong! So, tell us what you need. We want you to achieve the very best & we're gonna help you get it!

First Time?

We heart yoga beginners! Here's everything you need to rock your first yoga experience like a boss!
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With 14 Days of Unlimited Classes, you have a perfect opportunity to dip your toes, feet, legs, arms, and cabeza into a yoga practice designed just for you!


What to wear? What to bring? How to make sure you’re ready for your first class? We’ve got you covered.


Nobody wants to step on anyone’s toes, figuratively or literally, especially when they’re the newbie in the room, and here’s how you can avoid doing just that.


Our casa is welcoming of every.single.body who looks to find peace, wellness, and inclusion with us. We are a proud ally of the LGBTQ+ community, and a proud member of the LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce!

¡Ándale! Get me started on my journey to a better, healthier life!

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¡Ándale! Get me started on my journey to a better, healthier life!