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Hot or Not Yoga NM is a beautiful, clean, spa-like studio where high quality yoga instruction will enhance the essence of who you are and the life you deserve. Choose between our Hot or Not classes, or try both! We're here for you, every step of the way.
Bikram Method

HOT & transformative! This spine-centric healing yoga series is perfect for beginners & always challenging for more experienced practitioners.

Vinyasa Flow

Breath-linked transitional movement for a well-rounded practice. A perfect way to begin, maintain, or inspire! Choose warm or unheated, and choose from power or slow flow!

Yin Yoga

Give your joints a healthy break from daily repetitive motion, stress, and injury and treat your mind to a shift in focus with this peaceful, mindful class.

Adaptive Yoga

We’ve partnered with LoveYourBrain, a non-profit, to provide this gentle yoga & meditation program specific to persons who have experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury. Go to LoveYourBrain.com to register for the next series, beginning in January 2018!

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